If you enjoy sharing new insights about fitness and related topics and have writing skills, then you’ve come to the right place. Care Fitness Online allows you to express your thoughts and knowledge, reaching a wider audience without restricting your ideas to specific listeners.

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What Are We Looking For?

  • Well-researched and well-managed content, 800- 900 word limit on topics like fitness and exercise, Workout plans, Specific exercises for different body parts, Flexibility and mobility exercises, etc.
  • Content supported by scientific evidence.
  • You can use your data, graphs, and the latest news references to make it more engaging. 
  • Cross-check the facts, data or other resources in the article.
  • Please share your personal story and inspire others with them.
  • Original and unpublished content
  • AI-generated articles will be rejected; please do not use them.

Topics You Can Write For Us

  • Fitness and exercise
  • Workout plans
  • Specific exercise for different body parts
  • Flexibility and mobility exercises
  • Recovery and rest
  • Importance of rest
  • Improving sleep quality
  • Yoga and meditation

Consider This When You Write For Us

  • Once you submit your article, whether it is published depends on our editorial team, and you must agree to this decision.
  • After selecting your article, you will hear from us in a while because we get overwhelming responses from every corner of the country. Please be patient and do not mail us asking for an update on your article.

Submission And After Process

  • You can email us your article in the document form. This makes the process easier for our team.
  • After that, our editor will review your article and decide if it is suitable for publication.
  • We will give you feedback on whether your article has been selected.
  • If your article is selected, we will mail you to inform you of its publishing date on our website.

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