What Is The Red Dot On My Apple Watch? How To Fix?

What Is The Red Dot On My Apple Watch? How To Fix?

The Apple Watch is a reliable device. However, people have complained about the problem that persists on this watch. They want to know the red dot on the Apple watch, so this is where you will find answers.

A red dot on the Apple watch may signify certain issues. If this issue still annoys you or does not let you enjoy the premium features attached to your watch, stay tuned as this blog opens solutions.

What Does The Red Dot On Your Apple Watch Mean?

  • There is a red dot on the screens of iPhones, just like for notification badges on Apple Watches, which means unread notifications.
  • These unread notifications alert users about new messages received, reminders, or attention-demanding app notifications.
  • Users can enable/disable notification settings to show/hide red dots according to their preference.
  • All you need to do to see the unread notifications is swipe down from the top of your Apple watch face and get into the notification center.
  • At this point, one can scroll through all the notifications and tap on either to read or dismiss them.
  • When one dismisses notifications, the red dot indicator will also be removed.
  • If you have checked all the open apps and updates on your phone, but your watch still shows a persistent red dot, then do this. Restart the device or update its software as a solution.
  • With the Apple Watch, you don’t always have to keep checking your iPhone. This is because it handles all your notices in a very convenient manner.
  • Understanding how unread notifications ensures efficient use of the Apple watch by users.

For further help, please use Apple support resources or contact Apple support.

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What To Do When Your Watch Has A Red Dot?

A small red dot on your Apple Watch is like an alert reminding you that some things remain unattended. These can be messages, calls, or updates from apps like Instagram and Facebook. It’s a means for the watch to signal that something interesting might happen on your part. Turning off the dot will not hide messages on the iPhone. But it will stop the watch from reminding you about them.

You only need to open your missed notifications to remove the red dot. There is no need to read all or clear any of them. Just opening the notification center on your watch should solve the problem. Do the following:

  • Swipe downwards, starting from the top side.
  • Open a notification center by doing what the title says. This is the place where all missed notifications are visible.
  • Read through your notifications: 
  • See what you’ve missed in terms of any missed calls or messages. If anything else needs clearing, then do any of the two. Either swipe individual notifications towards the left, click the X button, or hit the Clear All button.
  • Swipe up starting from the bottom side of your wrist: 
  • The red dot vanishes as soon as this happens because the notification center gets closed.

Now if you dislike seeing the red dot again after turning it off, then switch it off permanently. Remember, essential notifications may pass unnoticed with such an action, though. You can do this either from Apple Watch or iPhone.

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Turning off the Red Dot

On your Apple Watch: 

Press the digital crown. This is usually located at one end of your timepiece, which takes you to a list showing various applications installed therein.

Tap the settings menu. The icon appears like a cogwheel. Now, go to Notifications by switching off the indicator next to Notifications Indicator for this case.

On your iPhone:

  1. Open the Watch App.
  2. Tap My Watch, which will lead to your watch settings’ interface
  3. Turn off The Red Dot On Your Watch by toggling off the indicator switch next to the Notifications Indicator

However convenient as it may sound, removing red dots could make one switch off their notifications without realizing it.

To Sum It Up

In technology, small details matter. The red dot on your Apple Watch may be frustrating at times but it plays an essential role in making sure that you do not miss out on any important message or notification. Being able to handle it well will let you stay updated and have moments of uninterrupted leisure.

YouYou can already get rid of the red dot for a while if need be or remove it permanently at will. With this, so long to the irritating red dot, and welcome to a more customized and delightful time with your Apple Watch.


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