What Are Hip Dips And How To Get Rid Of Them?

What Are Hip Dips And How To Get Rid Of Them?

Hip dips refer to the gentle depressions on the outer sides of your hips just above your thighs. They are natural, coming in various forms depending on genetics that make slight inward curves. Although these are not harmful, some may see them as unattractive and seek methods to minimize them. However, each body type is distinct, so no need to worry too much. Instead of obsessing with fixing imagined flaws, promote strong and healthy hips.

Hip Dips Anatomy

A combination of factors influences hip dips. These are hip bone structure, musculature, and fat distribution. The hip bone has three parts: ilium, ischium, and pubis. The ilium makes up the largest part and hence forms the widest area in a person’s pelvis. The muscles like gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus attach to the ilium as well as hips. Fat accumulates here, making it appear that one has hip dips.

What Are Hip Dips And What Causes Hip Dips?

There are several reasons behind hip dips. One reason for this occurrence is the shape or width of an individual’s ilium bone. This bone creates small depressions in our hips. Furthermore, the distance between the ilium and the greater trochanter also determines how visible this feature is. Moreover, gluteal muscle formation, or lack thereof plays a role in spotting dents thus showing off those curves referred to as “hip dip”. Lastly, subcutaneous adipose tissues distributed within our hips lead to different sizes of dimples.

Hip Dips Vs Love Handles

It’s critical to understand the difference between love handles and hip dips. Love handles are naturally occurring hollows at our waistlines that result from excessive fat accumulation. It appears as if there are rolls on both sides of the waistline. Love handles are invasive. Various factors such as genetic makeup, diet, or how a person is constructed affect it. Hip dips and love handles are normal variations in human body shape that differ among individuals.

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Is It Possible To Get Rid Of Hip Dips?

Inquiries on the possibility of eliminating hip dips are frequent and confuse many. However, these are simply natural aspects of the body that shouldn’t cause concern. Exercising and lifestyle changes impact overall body appearance. Also, hip dips are caused mainly by skeletal structure, muscle development, and fat distribution, which are not easily changeable. 

No amount of diet or exercise will modify bone structure itself or how fats tend to distribute themselves throughout the body. Therefore, instead of eliminating hip dips, focus on developing strong hips. Promote healthy back and knee joints through physical activities like walking. There are certain exercises that can help get rid of hip dips. You can try doing these hip dip exercises regularly to eliminate them.  

It would be important for one to consult a physiotherapist before beginning any hip strengthening program. He/she will guide you properly about the proper exercises, techniques, and progression to fix this. Below, we shall look at some exercises a physiotherapist recommends for building strong and healthy hips.

Exercises to Improve Hip Strength and Mobility

1. Side Leg Raises

Focus on the outer hip with side leg raises. Do these while lying on one’s side with the knees bent. Raise your knee higher while holding your feet together. Then, lower it slowly. Repeat this on both sides.

2. Bridge Position

The gluteus maximus muscles in the buttocks are worked in the bridge position. With your feet flat on the floor, rest flat on your back. Raise your hips and gently bring them down without bending your lower back.

3. Clamshell Exercise

Clamshell exercises build up the outer side of the hip muscles. On your side, lift your leg towards the roof and slowly bring it down. Repeat for other sides.

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4. Squatting

Squats help tone your lower body as well as give you stronger hips. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, bend your knees like sitting in a chair, then rise.

5. Lunging

Lunges focus on toning your lower body and hips. Place one foot forward, bend both knees and straighten them again. Do this for both legs.

6. Sit-To-Stand (STS)

Sit-to-stand strengthens the glutes and hip muscles. Sit down using armrests to support if needed. Cross your arms over the chest while standing up. Sit down again. Cross arms under the chest while rising.

To Sum It Up

Hip dips do not need any correction since they’re natural parts of one’s body. Concentrate on building strong and healthy hips by doing whatever we have available in this blog. Talking to a physical therapist benefits your body and helps strengthen the hip muscles. A strong hip contributes to better balance, lower risk of injuries, and overall improved mobility. Call your local physiotherapist today and get started with exercises. Especially the ones that promote hip strength alongside functionality in your fitness routine. We wish you all luck as you work on your glutes and live a healthy lifestyle.


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